How Essential is Happiness?

This year's biggest hit for film songs was probably "Happy" by Pharrell Williams for Despicable Me 2, and I know "Let It Go" for Frozen won the Academy Award, as it should, but let me ask you this, when "Happy" comes on the radio, can you resist the urge to dance?  I didn't think so. … Continue reading How Essential is Happiness?

The First Five Pages

When I was in college, I took a Playwriting/Screenwriting course and I absolutely loved it.  Writing plays and film scripts is so much different than writing the traditional novel or research paper.  Not only are the components and general organization different, the tone and voice are also unique.  The one element of a script/stage play… Continue reading The First Five Pages

Femme Fatale: The Power of Women in “Game of Thrones”

SPOILER ALERT: This assessment includes all five books and up through Season Three of the HBO series so if you're not caught up, hold off on reading this.The picture above holds some pretty powerful characters in its midst.  For all the grievances I have against George R.R. Martin for his compulsion to kill off good… Continue reading Femme Fatale: The Power of Women in “Game of Thrones”