Shifting Alliances in Reading

[WARNING: Game of Thrones SPOILERS are in this post, so only continue reading if you are caught up in the books and the show.] This is a post relating specifically to Game of Thrones, but generally to any story long enough to expose its readers to multiple characters in various different lights. I have been… Continue reading Shifting Alliances in Reading

R.I.P. Another GRRM Character

[SPOILERS AHEAD: This post includes the most recent GoT episode- S4E8, "The Mountain and the Viper"]Yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones was packed with information but I, like many other readers of the books, was dreadfully waiting for what would happen in the final ten minutes of the show.  When I read the books, I… Continue reading R.I.P. Another GRRM Character

Femme Fatale: The Power of Women in “Game of Thrones”

SPOILER ALERT: This assessment includes all five books and up through Season Three of the HBO series so if you're not caught up, hold off on reading this.The picture above holds some pretty powerful characters in its midst.  For all the grievances I have against George R.R. Martin for his compulsion to kill off good… Continue reading Femme Fatale: The Power of Women in “Game of Thrones”