Book Review: Final Girls by Riley Sager

final girls

What happens to the last girl left standing after a massacre? The only survivor to a night of horror that left nothing but a trail of blood and lots of dead bodies? She is dubbed a “final girl.” This is the premise of the book that follows the life of Quincy, the only survivor of a massacre in a remote cabin in the woods by an escaped asylum patient. Ten years later, she has moved on from what happened to her until the first final girl ends up dead and the other shows up at Quincy’s door and forces her to relive her nightmare. This book was filled with twists and turns and unexpected relationships. For fans of “Pretty Girls” and “The Girl on the Train”, this book is a good thriller to keep you guessing.

Despite the fact that I am currently burned out on female-driven psychological thrillers, this book kept up a good, steady pace. I kept wanting to know what had happened in the past of the main character. I found myself drawn to the characters, even if by drawn I really mean, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING AND WHY ARE YOU BEING STUPID! STOP TAKING THE PILLS AND STOP LETTING THAT WOMAN LIVE WITH YOU!” At least my emotions were aroused! I think this genre is being overworked but this book still had some good qualities. Although I did not see the ending coming, I felt a bit cheated by it. I still definitely recommend this book to fans of the thriller genre. It’s a fast read and at the very least, enjoyable.

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