abandoned houses

When I lived in Annapolis, Maryland, I did not encounter abandoned homes like I have after moving to North Carolina. The writer in me craves to know the secrets behind these monuments. Whether it be a grand old mansion, an average two-story house, or a double-wide, I always want to know the answers to the unanswered questions that an abandoned house holds. Who lived there? Why did they leave? I like to picture an average day in that house. Was it a family that lived there? I envision a man coming home from work, a mother picking up the kids from school, a family dinner while watching TV. Maybe an older couple lived there. Grandparents who passed away and their kids never wanted to do anything with the property. Maybe they did not have kids. Or kids who cared anyway. Sometime I imagine scenarios more sinister. Maybe an abusive man who murders his wife then kills himself. It amazes me that something as simple as an empty house can stir up all these ideas.

Every house has a story. Think about that next time you pass an abandoned home.

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