A Themed Book Club


Have you ever been a part of a book club? Typically, everyone in the group reads the same book and then get together to discuss it. I find this boring. I mean, if I was a part of a group where every member enjoyed the same types of books as me, then I guess it would be that bad. Read The Hobbit this month, read Harry Potter the next month, then let’s read Game of Thrones. I could get used to that. Not only is that type of group incredibly hard to find, it is also very limiting. You’re limited to what interests you. That sounds strange coming from a person who insists that teachers should let students choose what they want to read and they might like reading better, but hear me out. You can choose to read what you like even in a genre that you would normally not read.

At the Iredell County Public Library this past January I started a new type of book club with a co-worker of mine and I AM LOVING IT! The College, Career, and Coffee Book Club is geared toward the younger generation of up and coming college students, career driven young adults, busy middle-aged working class, and of course, the coffee addicted. This isn’t your mom’s book club where you are forced to read “To Kill A Mockingbird” for the hundredth time (though you are not barred from reading it). Here, we choose a theme each month and you can read whatever you like pertaining to that theme.

January we started New Year New You. I encouraged people to read something that they normally would not read. I chose a biography of Anne Perry, the mystery writer and subject of the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures, on a friend’s recommendation. I’ve never read Anne Perry before, nor have I seen the film. I picked up the book and read it anyways, and I found it very intriguing. Someone else read “Pretty Girls” by Karin Slaughter on my recommendation even though the person usually does not read suspense/thrillers. February was Love At First Bite month and we read vampire books. March was Page to Screen in honor of the Oscars, where we were also challenged to watch the film of the book we read and compare the two. In April we read Civil War books in honor of Confederate History Month and we discussed many controversial topics in addition to the books we read. For National Pet Month in May we read pet stories which is always a favorite. For this year’s Summer Reading theme of sports and healthy living, we are reading fitness, exercise, sport-related books for the month of June.

The CCC Book Club is something different and I welcome that! Libraries are constantly having to adapt to technology, changing trends, and evolving young generations. This has been a great way to bridge the gap between age groups and come up with something fun for adults. The best part is that by reading different books, there is no end to recommendations from people in the group. Everyone is reading something different! If you don’t already have a program like this at your local library, I highly recommend that you suggest it. This is one of the most fun groups I’ve been a part of and I’m so proud to say I helped create it.

2 thoughts on “A Themed Book Club

  1. If you’re in a book club in which all you read is something that you find interesting, then, yes, that would be boring. But I was in one in which we all read the same book, but we usually read something that a few people had heard of or maybe something that was in another book that we’d read or something about something that had come up in a discussion of another book. It was far from boring, and I read a lot of things that I never would have even thought of reading. And, no, I didn’t like all of the things I read.

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