Crafting Books


If you’re like me, you love books. You love reading and some of you enjoy writing as well. The thought of ripping a book apart probably breaks your heart. You couldn’t do it could you? Cutting the spine from the innards of the books. Tearing the spine apart. Cutting pages from a book??? It’s a truly horrifying thought.

Let me put it to you this way. You have boxes of old and used books at work. There is not space left for them so your boss tells you to tear the spine and covers off, then recycle the interior. What?? Surely you’re not going to lose your job over books. The next best thing you can do, is salvage what you can of these books. Save the spines, save the covers, clip out images and passages from the interior, and repurpose them. This is exactly what I did.

Using Pinterest and other creative sources of inspiration, I created a line of upcycled crafts that I sell on my Etsy shop and I invite you to take a look here. I offer eReader cases for Kindle and Nook (7″, 8″, and 9″ sizes are available). I also upcycle bottle caps and have created fun collections of bottle cap magnets. I also make floral wreaths and some other crafts. I offer custom designs so if you see anything you like and would like is personalized, feel free to message me.

Thanks for having a look and happy shopping!

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