Bringing in the New Year


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!  I am so excited for this year because, as everyone does, I have set a New Year’s Resolution, and it involves all of YOU (my followers and fellow bloggers).  Unlike most of the “lose weight” plans, mine is (I’d like to think) realistic.  I plan on finishing my novel.  I’ve been writing a fantasy novel that is an adaptation of the Little Red Riding Hood tale.  My work is still untitled and over the years has expanded to the point where, who knows, maybe now it no longer resembles the LRRH at all.  All I know is that I love this story and the characters and I’d hate to let it all die because I wasn’t motivated enough to finish it.  I’m starting in January with research.  Not on publishers or agents or the business of writing (though that will certainly come later), but the first month of my resolution will be on researching the art of writing.  I know that sounds weird coming from someone who writes fairly consistently but I feel there is always something to learn.  Thanks to my subscriptions to Poets & Writers and Writer’s Digest magazines, I have been stocking up on construction knowledge.  What does it take to write a convincing plot?  How do you make your audience fall in love with your characters?  How do you keep up your readers interest and keep your arc suspenseful?  All these things and more I have been reading about and taking vigorous notes on.  Many tips from the experts I have already done, many I have not even considered.

So I mentioned that this involves my followers.  How, you may ask, can you be involved in my New Year’s Resolution?  Simply by commenting or sharing.  I don’t think that a blog should be the only thing that agents and publishers look at to establish the audience of a particular writer, but let’s face it, they look at our blogs.  The more people who become involved in my posts the better.  If you’re not already following my blog via email, today’s as good a day as any to start!

As far as writing goes, what are your 2016 goals?  Have you considered that you may not be as “in tuned” with writing as you thought?  I think, in the few short days I’ve been researching, my favorite part has been realizing what I don’t know.

What will it take for you to get motivated enough to finish your first novel?  Or your second?  What will it take for you to become motivated enough to seek representation for an already existing work?  A New Year’s Resolution should never be set so high and unattainable that you set yourself up for failure.  It should always be about bettering yourself and making yourself better.  Even if I don’t actually finish the novel this year, the end result should be that 1. I’m much closer than I was at the beginning of the year, and 2. my story grew along with my writing skills.

Happy writing!!!

2 thoughts on “Bringing in the New Year

  1. Happy New Year!

    Looking forward to your novel 🙂

    I’d love to write a novel myself, but I find I lacking in the imagination and originality, so I tend to focus on things I know about: hence, opinion articles, review, etc … but hopefully, one day, who knows, I might get something published.

  2. Happy new year James! You know as well as I that you don’t have to write fiction to get published. As much as you know about Tolkien, you could easily write some critical nonfiction pieces and I would definitely read them 🙂

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