Book Review: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

pretty girls

Jaw-dropping. From start to finish, what an adrenaline rush! I had to read this for an online book club and WOW!! At first I hated Claire. I thought her character was flat and I could not feel sympathy for her. But after she is shoved headfirst into the series of unexpected events, and handles it like a champ, I realized that she had more strength than even she realized. I know someone whose husband (was not this bad!), but did some things to earn him a seat in jail and the community turned their back on his wife very quickly. I loved that this book took the reader through the eyes of the wife of the accused. Sometimes, they are just as much victims as the people he hurt. I loved the plot and the twists within it. This was a difficult book to read at times because of the graphic nature of some of the scenes but it was a front row view into the depravity of certain human souls who are just evil at heart. I loved the theme of family and how the importance of forgiveness came into play. Maybe not on this scale, but it’s something we all struggle with at some point. I highly recommend this book to anyone who professes to love the thriller/suspense genre of books. It is high paced and keeps you on your toes from beginning to end.

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