Blog Fest Day 20 and 21-HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

sentence scares

[The picture above accompanies the Goodreads post I’ve linked below.]

Ok so I lost steam and did not post as much as I would have liked but work got busy.  Since tomorrow is Halloween and I will not be available to post tomorrow, today is my final blog fest post.  Today’s post will celebrate the things about Halloween that make us enjoy the holiday the most as writers.  Goodreads had a wonderful and creative blog post titled “15 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Will Give Your Nightmares,” the link to which can be found here.  These are fantastic and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did (you’ll even find one from Stephen King, dubbed the Master of Horror).  This is the power of the sentence.  Something short and sweet can bring so much fright and horror!  I always find it hard to condense my thoughts.  It is hard to put so many ideas into a short amount of space.  I have listed the sentences below and added my own at the end.  Enjoy, Happy Halloween, and be safe with your kids trick-or-treating tomorrow night!

1. “The faces that stare back at me from the kitchen window don’t scare me. It’s the blood on their clothes that have me worried.” (Michele Holguin Barchuk)

2. “I heard heavy snoring so I turned to nudge my partner, remembering in time that he died last year.” (Tracy Shephard)

3. “When she got the text saying, “You die tonight,” she replied asking, “Who is this?” She heard a message alert outside her bedroom door.” (Kathryn West)

4. “I have a body of a supermodel. It’s in the fridge.” (Petina)

5.“I had a dream I was stabbed to death in my bed at 2:45am, and the clock was the last thing I saw before the knife. I awoke screaming, and glanced at the clock to see it was 2:44am—and the bedroom door was opening.” (James Holmes)

6.“When the long winter came, Mom promised us we’d never go hungry. We never asked where she got so much meat.” (Nyssa 23)

7.“My mum said God always listens to little children. If I collect enough of their tongues, maybe he’ll listen to me as well.” (Ibrahim)

8.“He stood in front of me, menacing red eyes gleaming in the dark of the night. He lifted my book above his head and TORE IT APART.” (Storm Arashi)

9.“As I washed my face, a voice cautioned, “Watch your back.” Startled, I looked up into the mirror to see my reflection pointing behind me.” (Karin Pike)

10.“I love the sound of her voice. Too bad it’s muffled by six feet of earth.” (Christopher Provost)

11.“A disembodied voice echoed out of the darkness, raspy and low. ‘Student loans.'” (Alisia Strautins)

12.“She had a roast on the table despite the empty shelves at all the markets. They could always have other children. ” (Brendan)

13.“I woke up with a picture of myself sleeping on my phone. I live alone.” (Lisa Kuik)

14. “Five years after Timmy’s sister drowned, he found her standing in his closet. Her eyes were full of water.” (Stephen King)

15.“There’s no more coffee or chocolate. Oh, your Kindle broke, too.” (Malina Bennett Vasquez)

“In the dark of the mountains, where no one would hear her scream, she saw the floating eyes.  She did not know whether they were alive or the ghosts of past travelers, or which would be worse.”

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