Blog Fest #I don’t even know what number I’m on anymore….

Apparently on my days off from work, I don’t get to post anything.  Poor excuse I know, but here is the continuation of Becca’s experience in the haunted stacks of Penn State’s Pattee Library.  Thanks for reading!

Becca was a rational young woman. She was not prone to wild thoughts or unrealistic superstitions, but the noise of the footsteps had rattled her. How could anyone be walking around where she had just been when the doors were shut and stuck and she was the only person here?

“H-Hello?” She stuttered quietly. The footsteps stopped.

Becca summoned her courage to make her way back down the aisle to where she had been. There was a book on the floor that hadn’t been there a few moments earlier.

Becca bent over to pick it up.

Citing Sources for Students of English. The call number was for level 2, the stack directly above her and the same place where she had heard the noises. She clutched the book in her hand and peered around the row one more time to make sure she was alone before darting out toward the stairs. She was going to try one last time to open the door.

This time, miraculously, it opened.

Her mind told her to make her way to the exit, if the librarians had not completely closed up she could still leave. She’d be chastised for staying late, but she could still get out. She could put the English book on the counter on her way out and they’d put it in its rightful place in the morning.

Something else, however, nagged at her. The book went on a shelf on this very floor, presumably just around the corner. It would take her no time at all to return it herself. Maybe she would find out how it made its way to her floor. She found the section and felt a sudden chill deep in her bones. She had no idea how the book came to her, but she knew this section of the stacks well. Everyone on campus did.

This is the exact place that Betsy Aardsma was murdered in 1969.

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