Book Review: The Hidden by Heather Graham


This book was pretty good. I enjoyed then mystery part of this story. At first I was thrown off by the narrator (I listened to this book as an audio). The narrator does voices and it was almost comical to hear his high pitch lady voices. I got used to it, but at first it was distracting. I think my biggest complaint about this book was the conversations with ghosts. Sometimes the scenes did not feel believable. I know you may think, “They’re ghosts, how believable is that supposed to feel?” but the truth is that I should still feel as if it’s possible and I just didn’t. As an amateur ghost hunter myself I know the dead do not manifest themselves in the way they did in this book so I found it kind of nonsensical. I liked how all the ghosts gathered together at the end, that scene was particularly eerie and poignant. I’m also not a fan of the romance part of this book. Yes, I know Heather Graham is typically a romance author, but I guess I was hoping there was more suspense than romance. I must say, also, on a grammatical note, how I HATED the author’s overuse of the word “said.” “Scarlett said.” “Diego said.” “Ben said.” For crying out loud, there are more words in the English language than said. Remarked, replied, responded, cried. Or use adverbs, said blatantly, said coldly, said excitedly, ANYTHING to spice things up. When you HEAR this book and every other word is “said” even in a conversation with only two people, when you know who is saying what, it gets old after a while. Overall, I enjoyed it but I may not choose to read another book by this author in the future.

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