Book Review: Queen of Shadows

queen of shadows

This is the fourth installment of Sarah J. Maas’ series, Throne of Glass.

I’m one of those people who, once invested in a series, finishes that series to the end no matter what. But I have to admit, I’m ready for it to be over. First of all, this book lingered far too long on certain conversations and in certain places. I know it is YA, but the teenage angst drove me a little crazy in this book. The action was intense and I appreciate good fantasy elements. I found myself shifting from sympathizing with Aelin’s storyline into LOVING the storyline that follows the witches (Manon and her Blackbeak coven). I really look forward to what Sarah J. Maas has in store for Manon. She is the vital character that every story needs; a character with a chance at redemption. I think my biggest complaint is the language in this book. Don’t get me wrong, I curse like a sailor sometimes, but I felt like curse words were used more in this book than in my adult fiction titles….and this book is supposed to be for young adults!! From a writer’s perspective the profanity sounded unrealistic at times, almost like the author was looking for an excuse to use it profusely. I understand kids are going to come into contact with language but should we really encourage it in the books they read? I’ve read perfectly decent YA with very limited language and they were just as good as this series. It just makes it hard to recommend this series to a parent looking for an appropriate profanity-free (or at the very least limited) read for their kids. Anyway, that’s a minor complaint.


I am still upset that Aelin and Chaol are not a thing. They were perfect for each other and her being with Rowan who is immortal and she’s not is just weird; a little too Aragorn/Arwen-ish for me. I’m happy Dorian was saved because I like his character, but I thought how it happened was a little cheesy. However, if that is the havoc he and Aelin can unleash together, I can’t wait to see them take on Duke Perrington. I will wait for the next book, but I wish this had only been a trilogy. But I’m invested now, got to see it through.

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