Visual Excercise #2


Methusela, the great enchantress, was in a rage and at her full power when the lightening crashed out of control.  You can do anything you want. The words kept creeping back to her, sometimes in whispers so faint she had to strain to hear it, but other times in loud booms of thunder which echoed across the land.  The great flood had been but a drop in the vast ocean she commanded.  This would be no mere rain shower but a tempest of the mightiest strength, all the strength she could spare.  She could feel the wind whipping through her long dress and her long dark hair kissed her cheeks.  She smiled for the feel of it.  The dark clouds billowed around her and it was when the lightening came down for the first time that she opened her eyes and looked ahead of her.  A small island lay beyond, just visible as a shadow when the lightening struck.  The island will drown tonight, she told herself.  She could not tell the difference between the water that fell from the sky or the the water that descended down her cheek.  The tears were hot even amidst the cold air but she dared not think about her pain.  Her suffering would soon be avenged.  She waved her arms around the sea, waves appearing at her very thought.  The sky lights flashed again and again while thunder clapped across the dark sky.  As the waves crashed behind her, she felt the water move beneath her toward the small piece of land beyond.  Tonight Atlantis would drown.


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