Age Is Just A Number

As a writer, my head is constantly swirling with ideas for stories and tid bits of materials I have to write down lest I become victim to my memory failing (yet again) and regretting NOT writing it down.  An idea I most recently thought about deals with the age gap in a relationship.  It started when I commented the other day on a “hot” celebrity.  Many of my favorite country singers or movie actors are all in their thirties and forties and my dad made the comment, “Why do you find old guys so attractive?”  I thought about it and defended that they are not really “old” but being that I’m twenty-five, I can see his concern.  But my question is: What’s in an age?  Is age “just a number” as some argue, or does it exist to group generations together?

My idea came for a young woman (probably around my own age) who falls unexpectedly in love with a man in his early forties, roughly fifteen years her senior.  They have a lot in common in that she is mature for her age and he is attractive and almost youthful.  Their relationship began as a friendship (though I have not worked out intricate details yet), but an impulsive kiss causes both parties to second guess their actions.  Is what they did wrong?  If it doesn’t feel wrong, then are they only second guessing because of the taboos society has placed on relationships separated by an age gap?  If so, why should they care what the world thinks?  They cannot deny how they feel about one another so they should not feel pressured to end it.

Final thoughts- How do you feel about the age argument?  I consider myself a little old-fashioned so maybe I’m way off base here.  Perhaps age isn’t even an issue anymore.  Is it something with which my character could struggle? 


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