Five Minutes to the Dogs

I have five minutes before I have to leave to head to work.  Work, today, is my second job at a kennel where I play with, feed, medicate, and enjoy the presence of other people’s dogs for a few hours.  The job has it’s ups and downs but this blog is specifically about what to write about in five minutes or less with dogs on the brain.

One thought- We don’t have enough time.  We run and run from place to place and before we know it, it’s the end of the day and we’re getting ready for bed to do it all over again.  What happened to relaxation?  The experts say (whoever they may be) that stress has gone up a considerable amount in humans over the last decade.  Well no wonder!  With computers, phones, social media, iPods, iPads, and other electronic devices we’re always connected.  I gave up Facebook for Lent and I’m so glad!  My stress level has gone down so much that I’m considering not going back even after Easter.  Who needs to hear other people’s problems all day every day?  Sure you can ignore them or choose not to comment but you can only evade it for so long when it’s right there on your News Feed.

Second thought- How do dogs tell time?  They don’t.  Think about a day in the life of a dog.  The dogs at work get up, love with their owners before they hop in the car, get dropped off at daycare, play with their friends (both human and canine) for a a few hours, get picked up, fed dinner, and just enjoy life…without the constraints of time.  Now for those of us with full-time jobs (or in my case, two part-time jobs) we obviously cannot live life THAT carefree but we can try.  Strive to be like a dog!  I know that sounds weird but enjoy the little things in life.  Being with your family, eating, playing, relaxing, whatever it is that makes you happy, make time for it.  That’s why I have this blog.  Even if I only have time to write for five minutes, I make time for it or else I’d go mad.

So here’s my challenge for anyone who reads this: Do something you love today.  Even if it’s only for five minutes, just do something that makes you happy.  Perhaps you will find that today, life might be a little less stressful.

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