If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On

I just came home from a choral concert this evening at the United State Naval Academy Chapel for the USNA Women’s Glee Club.  My high school choir teacher who attends my church is their director and I was excited to go see her choir perform.  It was nostalgic since half the program consisted of songs I had performed in high school.  Although I typically write about, well, writing, I could not help but be inspired by tonight’s concert.  Music is such an ancient art form and it too requires a great deal of writing.  Unlike authors who use words, composers use notes on a scale to create masterpieces that convey a message just as powerful as written words but through sound.  The Naval Academy Chapel has wonderful acoustics and I also performed there my freshman year of high school so it was particularly delightful to hear Ave Maria ring throughout the building as the choir sang from the balconies.  Music, like literature, impacts everyone differently.  Having been in the shoes of every woman standing up at the front tonight, I knew what they were feeling.  Excitement, anticipation, and nerves are all playing a role but above all, there is nothing more pleasurable than simply singing.  For those of us who have performed, it’s a release and I found myself sitting in the audience mouthing along with the songs I knew and it took everything in me to stop myself from singing aloud.  I heard different people around me muttering “Wow,” or “Mmm” after some songs that stunned them.  My mom who was with me got goose bumps on one song and I almost cried on a particular favorite of mine.  These are all the same reactions I have had when reading stories.  I laugh and cry with the characters but most importantly, I indulge myself in their world.  That’s what music does as well and specifically choral music which, for some people, can lull them to sleep, but for others can be an entrance to a whole new world of peace and awe.  Although music is translated from paper to sound, it does the same thing a good story does and writes quite a lasting impression on our hearts.

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