Entering the 21st Century

Today I have successfully entered the twenty-first century of writing.  Blogging.  It is something I never thought to do, something I vowed never to do.  What was wrong with writing on paper or using a typewriter?  Remember cursive?  That style of writing your teachers swore would be the future of writing and the only way to learn was to embrace it?  Now we type our thoughts and instantly publish them for the whole world to see.  Well, I am here.  It took a while but I am finally here and ready to share my thoughts.  I’m not looking to be an instant success but any and all criticism is welcome on this blog.  Tough love, attention to detail, and harsh criticism are especially solicited.  I’ve always considered myself a fair writer, even my teachers in grade school and college have praised my work.  But nothing compares to the honest truth from complete strangers who neither know you personally nor can see you face to face.  I have embraced the technologies of the twenty-first century if for no other reason than people are always more open when a computer screen separates them.  We shall see in time if this decision was a constructive one.

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